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Nobuhiko Usmai
From Tokyo
宇佐美 信彦
Please participate any time
I'll guide you to fun sea.
It seems that it can enrich a diving
course supported with a long carrier.
I guide of all over the world sea.
Masashi Maruyama
From Tokyo
丸山 史将
Until I become the diver
I'll caer strenuously
It's beautiful and in the sea world
I dive happily safely together
It rises noisily by everyone.
Jon Hughes
From Canada
飯野 英美里
Please come to a store any
time. I'm waiting
Fun! Diving
Even a little relievedly,
seem able to have safely
Mariko Yamamoto
From Tokyo
PADI・Dive staff
池頭 智代
The question is casual.
I'm waiting for everyone
The person who will begin to dive now.
you also seem able to enjoy to the expert
I make the guide who had that needs.
Hideyuki Tanaka
From Tokyo
PADI・Dive Master
池頭 智代
I'm Assistant staff
will supported course
Wonderful of the sea for everytime.
The PADI course and fun dives
I'll assist and do my best.
Otis Richardson
From USA
玉城 あやの
I'll guide fun dive
Please leave.
I'll guide you in English and japanese. 
Okinawa has experience of duties long
Japanese residence is more then 10years
Yu Wang
From Chine
Rodney Tom
Everyone of a diver
It's supported strenuously
The way is shown in English, chinese
and japanese. Meet everyone at a shop
Looking forward to forming
Nicolas di Costanzo
From France
Nicolas di Costanzo
It's same by proschool
I'll make the course fun
I was Course director in 2015
It start now
in proschool enjoy together
Rodney Tom
From USA
Rodney Tom
Experience at Hawai and IZU
I'll inform everyone
the cheeful character born in the tropics
I'll guide everyone
I'm waiting at the sea.


An instructor staff and an internship staff are being recruited by East Dive

  • ・Our recruited all diving jobs staff
  • ・PADIinstructor・Assistant ・Divemaster internship・shop staff・office works ete..
  • ・We'll support the person who will be liking a sea and be aiming at an insutructor in the future.
  • ・When being part time, It's OK only in a weekend and a holiday, A schedule is adjusted by shift system.
  • ・Please ask our staff or call dive shop.

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