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PADI open water diver certificate course

The Open Water Diver course has three parts: Knowledge Development Online,Confined water pool , Open water Dives ocean training dives . Student need learning at home use Digital teaching materials PADI eLearning or Touch and study covers the principles , concepts and terms that you need to know for safety and so you can enjoy diving. Short exercises, quizzes and knowledge reviews help you assess and confirm learning as you go. and complete the class portion included final Exam at home.

Confined water session you learn and practice scuba skills in a pool. You'll enjoy making one or more minidives, which take you through the same steps you follow when you make Open water dives. The Ocean dives sesstion 2 days, take over a full weekend or any week day.

Which would you like ? PADI e-Learning Or Touch

Student can use Digital teaching materials complete the class portion at your own pace through PADI eLearning or PADI Touch . Simply click to the link “Start today online” below and sign-up for a new Online account and Dwon road for PADI Touch .
For Digital teaching materials It's practicable for 10 languages.
English / Japanese / Chinese / Korean / Spanish / French / German / Dutch / Italian and Russian It's possible to choose every language.

e-Learning Openwater diver course

e-Learning Openwater diver course

learn in the warm diving pool of fresh water.

A pool lesson will work fully on the first. East dive offers a pick-up service departing from Shinjuku station or dive shop going to diving pool. A summer season to outdoor pool. Otherwise go to the indoor pool at Funabashi. each place can be practiced in an environment suitable for an open water diver course.

Beautiful enviroment Ocean dives

In Izu peninsula seen a lot of various coral and Pacific Ocean fishs. Also with warm climate and can go underwater all year. The season of summer the water temperature 26 degrees. Time of winter is lowest 14 degrees. There is many environments and you can enjoy the four seasons.

Departure to Izu From tokyo everyday FREE transportation

For Open Water Diver student Eastdive offers a pick-up service departing from Shinjuku station (West Exit) of Tokyo or dive shop. Approximately 2-3 hours through highway to reach Izu Peninsula major dive sites. Over night ocean dive tour back to tokyo at evening each time . if you like day trip ocean consult us for our dive tour schedule!

Over night at Izu peninsula Hotel

This is the Stay hotel at Izu penisula. they aer good locatied a peninsula nice veiw and big garden. and also it is very nice to rilaxation to after scuba diving evryone take time to wonderful night . If you would like day trip peninnsula on ocean treining consult us for our dive tour schedule!

Rental equipment included.

Open Water Diver course required rentals equipment are included. We are also preparing the rental of a wet suit. usually The time of winter can use a dry suit. Please also use all other required diving gears. Rental equipment detail / mask snorkel fins boots BCD jacket regulator octopus gauge Compass Signaling floats included .

A dive computer can be used by Ocean training.

Open Water Diver course training to its fullness can rental dive computer. A dive computer is an indispensable item in diving. Individual data is managed and safe diving can be enjoyed while underwater. After diving you can check your dive log.

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