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Students Voice PADI Openwater Diver

I received my PADI open water diving certificate from East Dive.
It was easy, convenient, and can be done in just a few sessions.There are Digital teaching materials PADI eLearning where I learned the ins and outs of scuba diving.
Next, is the pool dive. This is a practice with scuba equipment and instruction.
Finally, I scuba dived on the Izu penninsula. I met at Shinjuku station and took a few hour drive with movies and time to rest. When I arrived, I was able to use the nice facility including: showers, bathroom, and changing room.I did one dive in the morning, where I saw all types of beautiful fish. Then we ate a great lunch and met some new friends. After we ate lunch, it was time to go on our second dive, which was even better than the first.
I had such a wonderful experience. The East Dive instructors made sure I was comfortable the whole time and fully understood everything about my scuba trip.
They also gave me individual attention, which helped me learn everything faster. I would highly reccommend East Dive to any one. They are extremely professional and good at what they do!
Now that I have my Open Water Diver Scuba Diving license, I can scuba dive all over the world. It gives my friends and me opportunities to see all types of new fish and marine life when we are traveling.
This course only needs to be done once for a life time license so I do not have to worry about renewal.

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