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PADI instructor pro school Internship program

Became a PADI instructor, but PADI and a course director will guide everyone such as would like not understanding a teaching method and studying more management solutions in know-how. You can also check the contents in from 1Day and the PADI course which became new by an internship program.

Internship course

Course Price all included
PADI Course・Ocean training 1day 20,000 jpy
PADI Course・Ocean training 2day 38,000 jpy
PADI Course・Ocean training 5day 80,000 jpy

The flow of reservation

2.ご来店お手続き Diving reservation need payment course fee for Bank Transfer or come to the store cash or credit card and online credit payment ..
The payment of on the day is not receiving. Please pay before the date.
Will let you know about a sum total bill by e-mail

Transfer is to the following account
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Nakanoeki minamiguchi-Branch
Regular account # 3799778
Account Name/ EastDive

*We do not take international bank transfer ,

2.ご来店お手続き Cash/Only japanese yen
Credit card/ VISA MasterCard other ...
if you can not come to dive store used online credit card payment
※Please use booking form on web site !

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