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Atami Wrecks Dive Day trp tour

Atami It is popular point of a shipwrecks dive and also fairly near to Tokyo. Called the "Chinsen" meaning shipwreck , The large ship Asahi Maru (about 85m length) was filled with lange rocks sank about 25 years ago in a stom and split in to two parts.


East izu peninsula Futo

This is East Dive's recommendation for diving the East Izu peninsula It is very popular East side Ocean dive point. There are tow beach dive site at Futo which is located in a large cove. It is many fish you can seen underwater.


East Izu peninsula Hatsushima Island

It is an island close Tokyo in takes only 25 minutes from a Atami port. it is popular tourist spot. which about 300 people reside You can go by ferry and can eat local seafood delicacies.


East Izu Peninsula Izu ocean park

It is a very popular point in East izu peninsula. there Underwater geographical feature which lava flowed into the sea by the eruption of the mountain of Oomuroyama, wonderful underwater can seen gleeming with various sea life.


South izu peninsula Mikomoto

Mikomoto is the most southern point of Izu peninsula. You can do a real drift dive. At Kamene there is a flow of tide, a wide range fish is also seen. Underwater it is very dynamic geographically and there are many different schooling fishes as well as nudibranch and soft corals.


West izu peninsula Koganesezaki

Koganezaki is in the national park in West izu peninsula. If the cliff which is visible to the opposite shore hits the setting sun, it is visible to golden color. It is a course good for beginners. The short course is also often performed.


West Izu peninsula Tago Boat

Tago is a famous point in West izu peninsula which can enjoy two or more diving points inside and outside the bay. you can enjoy taking many macro pictures of the dynamic geographical feature while diving inside of the bay.


West izu peninsula Kumomi

It is a very popular the cave point in west izu peninsula . There are many dive site with caves inside of the bay, some on the out side too . Many divers visit all seasons to Kumomi, The boat dive at Kumomi is the most popular in izu peninsula.


West izu peninsula Ohsezaki

It is a very popular point in west izu peninsula . there is many dive site inside of the bay, and some out side as well as the cape. Many diver visit all season especially the time of summer time it is very crowded. Mt Fuji can be seen from the bay.


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