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Atami Wrecks Dive Day trp tour

Atami It is popular point of a shipwrecks dive and also fairly near to Tokyo. Called the "Chinsen" meaning shipwreck , The large ship Asahi Maru (about 85m length) was filled with lange rocks sank about 25 years ago in a stom and split in to two parts.

ship wrecks depth about 35m

Top of the shop at 26m and the bottom of the ship lies at 35m. Soft coral sea fans,fishes, sponges,crabs,and nubibranchs can be foind around the shopwreck. The interior of a shop is visable with the light from outside.

Sodaine of Atami

Sodaine is a deep dive drop off that many divers enjoy. Also a lot of fish can be seen any time .This is a pinacle dive and various underwater geographical features can be enjoyed. Usually it is a point that we go on the second dive .

Bedakane of Atami

There is a large and small root in Bedakane it is very popular point at Atami. A beginner or advanced diver can also enjoy themselves.

Many coral sea fans, and large fishes,

beautiful underwater is waiting. 12-40m depth this is also a pinacle dive.

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