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East izu peninsula Futo

This is East Dive's recommendation for diving the East Izu peninsula It is very popular East side Ocean dive point. There are tow beach dive site at Futo which is located in a large cove. It is many fish you can seen underwater.

Dive point Yokohama of Futo

The beach point which beginners can also enjoy. YOKOHAMA has many Sea anemone
and crustaceans underwater. Many tropical fishes migrate to the cove every year. From June to August you can seen squid eggs spawning.

Futo Hole of Yokohama

When a southwest wind is calm you can go Futo Hole .At 3meters below the suface. It is a very easy to see . Sunlight enters the cave and it is beautiful. This dive point can going swim skindive from entry point.

Drift Boat point of Futo

There are Drift dive points such as Maekado and Futatsune that provide good drop off and deeper dives . They have dynamic geographical feature that are rarely seen. For an Advenced diver or pro divers Izu ocean park outside No2 or Sankaku is recommended..

Onsenmaru is Relaxing hot tub

After the Diving you can Relax in the Onsen maru boat right in front of the sea. you can do it peacefuly . looking at the sea and talk about deys dive . This hot tub you can enjoy as a free Service. but drinking japanese sake is not allowed.

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