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West izu peninsula Kumomi

It is a very popular the cave point in west izu peninsula . There are many dive site with caves inside of the bay, some on the out side too . Many divers visit all seasons to Kumomi, The boat dive at Kumomi is the most popular in izu peninsula.

It is a drift dive with a lift-type boat.

It is very comfortable at Kumomi, Dive boat has a lift-type exjit which makes it very easy. three divers can be pulled up at once. It moves to much point by this comfortable boat. Kumomi is so many has the different cave you can see.

Ocean water is very clean.

In the Pacific Ocean, near Japan . since a warm current flows, summer temperature goes up to 27 degrees. divers can enjoy diving all year. Summer to especially autumn is favorable since the visibility can be greater than 20meters.

Many caves in KOUSHI and OHUSHI

Whatever the feature may be called, it is a cave. We call "cave of H " is It is a waterway like a complicated maze. We will guide you through with our expert experience with ease. Also OHUSHI is a biger the cave can seen .

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