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South izu peninsula Mikomoto

Mikomoto is the most southern point of Izu peninsula. You can do a real drift dive. At Kamene there is a flow of tide, a wide range fish is also seen. Underwater it is very dynamic geographically and there are many different schooling fishes as well as nudibranch and soft corals.

Hammerhead Shirk it is excited.

Usually, it is expected that they arrive around summer every year. They ride the tide and often appear in great numbers. If you are lucky, you can swim along with them. We call this "Hammer River"

It is a drift dive with a lift-type boat.

It is very comfortable at Mikomoto, Dive boat has a lift-type exit which makes it very easy. Three divers can be pulled up at once. It is a very comfortable boat. Mikomoto has so many different points you can see.

The participating conditions of this tour

This dive tour is not a beginner dive. You need good experience and over 50 logged dives and Advanced Open Water Diver Certification. You must be able to deploy an SMB (DSMB)

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