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West izu peninsula Ohsezaki

It is a very popular point in west izu peninsula . there is many dive site inside of the bay, and some out side as well as the cape. Many diver visit all season especially the time of summer time it is very crowded. Mt Fuji can be seen from the bay.

Inside of the bay

Ohsezaki beach is where many diver it comes to practice. Diver course , Refreshment couse also Discover scuba is best here. you can see a small shrine , a Boat , a Venus statue,a motorcycle all underwater .recommendation for beginner diver or training.

Cape of Ohsezaki

It is deep point of capes about 30-40m depth soon is possible . In the beautiful underwater world many fish are seen. if you like drop offs, this is a good dive site .this dive site drops off immediately right after entering. Intermediate dive.

Outside of the sea

Outside there are many soft corals that can be seen at about 20-30m depth. .There is 5 different places can enjoy different corals l . "Manboo" moon fish appear onthe outside of the cape every spring until summer, it will be excited if it is seen.

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