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PADI Advanced open water diver certificate course

Welcome to The Advanced Open Water Diving program. the first step beyond Open water Diver certification. Program offers different experience and training options that range from simple introductions to underwater activities to more challenging experiences, The Advenced Openwater Diver certification you'll complete the Underwater Navigation and Deep Adventure Dives and three other Adventure Dives that decide our Dive Shop Recommendation.

Deep Dive.

As a new Open water Diver 18 metres/60 feet marks the depth limit to which you're qualified to dive. This limit isn't arbitrary it's based on no decompresstion limits, nitrogen narcosis and air supply but even if you've only made a few dives, you may be curious about deeper dives, perhaps simply to visit specific dive sites below 18 metres/60 feet. The Deep Adventure Dive will satisfy some of this curiosity and give you access by qualifying you to dive as deep as 30 metres/100 feet, in condition as good as or better than those in which you have training and experience.

Underwater Navigestion.

Remenber your first open water dive ? Underwater Navigation an inportant diving fundamental that, as you discovered on your subsequent dives, you lean and applr easily through a few principles and practice. The Navigation dive in the Adventures in Diving program takes the rudimentary skills you've picked up, and expands them so you can use them with greater accuracy and under wider circumstances.

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Few skills can do as much for you as peak performance buoyancy . it's a skill that reaches into every dive , no matteer where or what you're doing . it saves you air, it saves you energy and it makes your diving more fun. it helps you avoid damage to the environment, and it distinguishes you as a diver. if you could only make one Adventure Dive , many instructor would suggest that this is the one.

PADI Advanced Open water Course/Charge

*Included the following contents

Ocean Training<2days/5dive>  
RentalTank/ Weight
Adventure Diver Course Material
PADI Certification fee
Pick-up service <From DiveShop or Shinjuku Station.>
Over night stay Izu penisula Japanses hotel  
Total amount charge 58,000/yen + Tax8%

You can Cooses tow more Dive specialtys

Course Add Charge
Search and Recovery Included the Charge
Night Diving 8,000/yen + Tax8%
AWARE-Fish Identification Included the Charge
Boat Diving 8,000/yen + Tax8%
Drift Diving 8,000/yen + Tax8%
Propulsion Vehicle 16,000/yen + Tax8%
Dry Suit Diving Included the Charge
Multilevel and Computer Diving Included the Charge
Underwater Naturalist Included the Charge
Underwater Photography 8,000/yen + Tax8%

Can take PADI,Enriched Air Course

This course which has become very popular these days can be taken in Izu peninsula. The PADI Enriched Air Course Certification you can get the same day as Advanced Open water Course Ocean Training. This is an Option apply an additional / 18,000 yen+Tax8% /all included Learning Materials Course fee Rental equipment. Enriched air tank included.